14 Sep


Dear Seller

Thank you very much for giving us your open/sole mandate (delete appropriately) to find a purchaser for your property. We shall do the very best we can to see that your property is sold as soon as possible and at the best possible price.

(use the below paragraph for open mandates)

In the interim and for the record I confirm that if we introduce a willing and able purchaser to you or your property and if you sell your property to such a purchaser at any time after the introduction, commission will be payable to us at our standard commission rate which  is calculated at …… percent of the purchase price plus VAT on the results. If any of this requires clarification you are more than welcome to ask us for it.


(use the below paragraph for sole mandates)

In the interim and for the record I enclose herewith for your attention a copy of the sole mandate agreement which you entered into with us.

Before closing I wish to raise with you a very important matter. In this regard and as we all anticipate we will be introducing prospective purchasers to your property from time to time. We all hope that one of them will choose to purchase your property. In the ideal world one of the purchasers so introduced will make an offer to purchase your property immediately after being introduced to it by us. This is  however not always the way things work and purchasers sometimes take time to reach the conclusion that a property which we introduced to them is the one that they want to buy. We can of course not predict how long it might take such a purchaser to make that decision.  It could be days, weeks or even months. Our concern is that you might at some stage between now and then decide to give a sole mandate to another estate agency. If you do so and if after that, one of the prospective purchasers we introduced to your property in the period before the sole mandate decides to make an offer to  you, you will not be able to accept that offer (even though the price might be right) without exposing yourself to the payment of double commission!  In this regard we would obviously expect commission as we were the agent who introduced a willing and able purchaser and the estate agency holding your sole mandate would also expect commission as the property would be sold during the period of their mandate.

To ensure that the situation described in the preceding paragraph does not happen to you we give you this simple advice. If you at any time after the date of this correspondence you decide to give a sole mandate to another estate agency, please ensure that before you do so, you obtain an agreement in writing from that agency that will serve to permit you to sell your property to a purchaser already introduced to your property by us, without having to pay the other agency any commission and to therefore only oblige you to pay commission to us. If you do not do so, the results could be very frustrating for us all, as you could find yourself prevented from accepting an offer which you otherwise would wish to accept and thereby losing out on the chance to sell your property!  Please don’t forget this advice!