31 Mar

April’s Fool – Viral Virtues

The end of March, we all had plans and goals to achieve that were very abruptly disturbed by COVID-19 doing its rounds, one country at a time. We are being forced to slow down and avoid each other in order to promote social-distancing and self-isolation.

For the first time in recent history we as a global community have been brought to our knees, not by religion, not because of culture, and not by the colour of our skins, but because of the threat of a global disaster. The beauty in this beast is that countries are joining hands and advocating wellness and virus-awareness in the most unselfish way. Truly inspirational. Our actions today will determine our legacies tomorrow.

Opinions and articles are doing the rounds creating fear for our economy, country and our lives. In times like this we must confirm the value of the content before we react. Opportunists are taking advantage of our volatile immune systems and broadcasting fake news for pleasure. If we keep sharing unconfirmed information, we will feed the fear in a situation where the reality is already disastrous enough. We must be wary and only communicate verified information. As per a recently issued Government Gazette, it is in fact a crime to circulate fake news!

Entire countries are shutting down and economies are being placed on hold – consequences of which are very unpredictable. We are fortunate enough to be at the forefront of technological development and we should seize the opportunity to do any amount of work from home that our resources will allow. Collectively we need to do our best to minimize any negative affects this may have on our economy.

Take the time to plan your day, to decide what is important- maybe even to read that one book that’s been gathering dust on the shelf. Educate yourself in your field, do some research and decide how you will approach your goals and career when this time capsule has passed. Be creative, innovative, positive and resilient.

When we are forced to limit our movement we tend to focus on the things that are near and dear and in times like these we should remember to look out for each other, turn the other cheek, let go of the small things and help those who are more vulnerable.

The fallout of this pandemic will affect the less fortunate in ways that we have not yet begun to contemplate. We need to make sure we are doing what we can to help those in need. This disaster will humble us all, but also hopefully create a platform for an improved way forward.

Let us join hands (figuratively) and do our part to avoid the spreading of this virus. We must follow the guidelines and adhere to the law.

We shall not be April’s fools.
We shall survive.
And Will thrive.
(apart) Together.

Cornelius Botha
Miltons Matsemela Inc