25 May


It seems that the day that the property industry has been waiting for is almost here and we can slowly begin to breathe again!

Having heard the President’s address last night and having read a set of proposed regulations dated 20 May, indications are that all estate agents (residential and commercial) will soon be able to return to business, after a mind numbing 66 days in lockdown!

If the draft regulations are to be passed into law, this will mean that, from 1 June 2020 and during Level 3, all estate agents can carry out all their functions, provided that they implement measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

We must however emphasize that the final Regulations have yet to be published, and we have had some nasty surprises in the past where the Regulations that were published did not follow the President’s script. In addition, Cape Town, and other “hotspots”, seem to have been singled out for special treatment, and we might therefore still have restrictions in place that operate locally.  Whatever happens, we will let you know.

In closing, and as excited as we all are to see this moment arrive, please remember that we are still far from being out of the woods. Infections remain on the increase, particularly in the Mother City, so please, wear your masks, disinfect and maintain a safe distance apart.

As our President said, it is now in our hands!